Accentsoft News

Two products for recovering passwords to Microsoft Office documents is being updated. All the latest versions of the programs are available at our website:

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery (AEXPR, 2.80)
Accent WORD Password Recovery (AWRDPR, 2.70)

We did our best to make the new version better and more functional than the previous one.

+ the program behaviour during search for password and the editing process in Microsoft Excel has been modified (practiced in AEXPR);

! the algorithm of VBA password recovery has been improved (practiced in AEXPR, AWRDPR).

All these new features are introduced in order to reduce the time spent on searching for the password and make your work with the program more comfortable. We do hope that you will highly evaluate this new version. As usually, you can download the evaluation version of the program from our Website:

Best regards, Denis Gladysh
AccentSoft Team, projects manager

By the way, with great pleasure we`d like to recommend to you Password Recovery Products by our partner – Passcovery Ltd. These are some of them:

Atomic PDF Password Recovery – immediate password recovery to pdf documents
Atomic Outlook Password Recovery – immediate password recovery to Outlook (.pst)
Atomic ZIP Password Recovery – password recovery to zip and winzip archives


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